An Interview with Alice Engelbrink, CPA

We sat down with Alice Engelbrink in Houston, TX to find out more about her work as a CPA 

What made you want to become a CPA in Houston?

Although working on my blog, writing recipes for the Instant Pot keeps me pretty busy, the one factor I found to work was knowing how to recognize the opportunity to get a better return on my time and expertise. I learned how to negotiate on behalf of my clients and I also learned that I had no obligation to keep up with the latest trends.

What did you learn during the account certification process?

That you don’t have to keep up with every topic, issue or trend. It doesn’t matter if every facet of marketing is trendy yet or if there is demand for new marketing programs in schools and colleges. You just have to be creative for an audience that’s already there.

How did you break an impasse and get back on track?

I was heavily influenced by Richard Engelbrink’s patent process guide and inspired by his methods. Once we began thinking about how to make our clients money, I realized we needed to focus on the things in their daily lives that were not changing, including what they bought, what was out there in the market and what they watched on TV. The CPA also developed a habit of asking my clients what trends they expected to see and learning when and why they needed them improved or changed.

What did your clients say about your approach?

My customers always want everything perfect in the short-term and they want me to move with it. Once we were ready to start investing in our clients’ businesses, we realized we could do it all but we needed help, says Alice Engelbrink from Houston.

Here are some frequently asked questions about tax preparation and its effectiveness, including for people who make a lot of money but don’t have the time or training to become an independent tax preparer:

When you get married, how does your tax filing become your income?

Don’t worry. We know you’re busy, and don’t make much time for filing forms. But there’s one simple way to figure out your total financial responsibility: When you make your first paycheck in the year, the IRS will deduct interest and taxes you pay, plus any money you pay into your Social Security or pension. You can figure out how much tax you should pay and, of course, add it to your gross income.

How much does filing taxes at a restaurant cost in Texas?

In 2013 alone, the restaurant industry has added about $100 million in business with each restaurant. The largest chain, Chipotle, will save about $4.8 million on its sales of food and drinks if Texas companies pass along its tax breaks. There’s no specific limit on how many restaurants a state can offer; it is based on the number of Texas business locations, as per the Texas Restaurant Association.

What does it cost to purchase real estate?

In Texas, there are three types of real estate: the retail lot, a farm or ranch lot, or a house. Real estate developers say it can cost anywhere from $50,000 up toward the billions depending on mineral rights and location of the real estate property. You can find good deals on real estate after a hurricane, such as 227 Faust Lane which suffered extensive damages after Hurricane Harvey

Thank you, Alice Engelbrink for taking the time to help us learn more about working as a tax professional in Houston, Texas.

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