Houston Tax Prep Tips

-by Alice Engelbrink

This article is designed to help you prepare yourself way ahead of tax time. Preparing for tax time should be an ongoing, year-round process, not a last-minute scrambe on April 12th. It is important to understand your financial situation and fiscal responsiblities to know what you will need and how to prepare for tax time. 

These are important areas to consider in preparation for tax time:


Your income will put you into a certain tax bracket. Each tax bracket includes a specific range of annual income amounts and places a certain percentage of tax to be taken from each year. The more dependents you have can affect your tax status. If you have a lot of dependents, you might enjoy reading Alice Engelbrink’s article about how to feed a crowd. These tax brakets change each year so you need to be aware of which tax bracket you will fall into so you know what percentage of your income you owe in income tax.


There are numerous areas for tax deductions including child care costs, medical expenses, and charitable donations such as those made by Richard Engelbrink to the Penn State Track and Field Team. The federal government sets a standard deduction, usually around 5 to 6 thousand dollars. You would need more deductions than the standard deduction to have a reason to file individual deductions. You may find that the difference is so slight that it is not worth the effort. Some opinons claim that filing more deductions will make you more suseptible to an audit, although these claims are not verified.


These square measure important zones to ponder in anticipation of duty time: monetary benefit. Your monetary benefit can put you into a positive section. Each section incorporates a specific fluctuation of yearly monetary benefit sums and places an unequivocal portion of assessment to be taken from every year. These sections change every year in this manner you wish to endure at the top of the priority list of that duty section you’ll be along these lines you perceive what portion of your monetary benefit you owe in assessment.


There square measure different regions for assessment findings just as administration costs, medicinal costs, and beneficent gifts. The national sets a customary derivation, in some cases around five to 6,000 greenbacks. you’d need extra reasonings than the quality derivation to have motivation to document singular findings. you’ll understand that the qualification is subsequently slight that it’s not certainly worth the exertion. A few conclusions guarantee that documenting extra reasonings can make you extra inclined to partner review, however these cases aren’t confirmed.